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TECATRON GF 40 ® is a glass fiber reinforced al 40% semi-crystalline high performance plastic with very high rigidity and resistance.
TECATRON GF 40 ®main features:

> High thermal and mechanical resistance
> Excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance, even to steam
> High hardness and rigidity
> High creep resistance
> Elevata stabilità dimensionale
> High dimensional stability
> Excellent wear-resistant

Main application fields:

Electrical engineering, vacuum technology, electronics, mechanical and automotive engineering, transport and conveying technology, pumps and precision mechanics, precision engineering, chemical engineering and construction. e ingegneria automobilistica, dei trasporti e della tecnologia di trasporto, pompe e meccaniche di precisione, meccanica di precisione, ingegneria chimica e costruzione.

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TECHTRON HPV PPS®is a reinforcement, a semi-crystalline polymer developed to fill the gap between  performances and prices of the standard thermoplastic materials (eg. PA, POM, PET) and advanced plastics (eg. PBI ®, EXTRA ®, PAI ®, PEEK ®).

TECHTRON HPV PPS®shows an excellent combination of properties such as wear-resistant and dimensional stability when exposed to chemicals and high-temperature environments.

TECHTRON HPV PPS®is used in applications where PA ® ®, PET, POM ® and other plastic materials have lower performances, or where PI ®, PEEK ® and PAI ® performances are far too high and there is the need to find a cheaper solution.

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